Top 32 Legitimate Ways To Make Money On The Internet

We’ve all had the dream of giving up our day job and working from home. The idea of working your own hours, being your own boss, and generally enjoying the freedom of removing yourself from the daily grind is a strong attraction. Making money from home may seem like a pipe dream, a fantasy life where you quit the daily grind of your 9 to 5 and work from the comfort of your armchair, desk, bed, or wherever you desire. However, there are legitimate ways to make money by working from home. Millions of people every day wake up, roll out of bed, switch on their laptop or computer, and happily work from home all day, even in their pajamas if they desire! Uncovering the true gems of work from home ideas is a tough job, but I’ve compiled a list of 32 legitimate ways you can make money working from home. Have a look and see if you really can be your own boss:

1. Paribus

A truly incredible way of making money without actually doing anything, Paribus is a tool which gives you money back for your online purchases. Working with large retailers such as Amazon, Target, and many others, Paribus works like this:

Create an account with Paribus on their website
Install the app on your computer or smart phone
The app will scan your email and messages from e-commerce services
If an item you’ve purchased goes on sale shortly after the purchase date, Paribus contacts the store’s customer service to request a price adjustment claim and request a refund of the difference
The app also detects coupons and promo codes which can be redeemed retroactively
Paribus takes a 25% cut of the refund and you get the rest!to make money by working from home.

2. Swagbucks

Everyone loves watching movies and the chances are you probably watch the trailers for the latest blockbusters online before deciding which movie to see next. Well, why not get paid for watching the movie trailers? Swagbucks pays you to watch a range of content including:

Celebrity videos
The Latest News
Mobile App Adverts
Other Videos

It works by paying you to watch a playlist of videos which can range from a few minutes up to around half an hour. Users are informed how long the playlist is before starting and can earn over $200 per month by simply watching these videos!

3. VIP Voice and Ipsos Panel

There are countless paid survey companies around, however, VIP Voice and Ipsos Panel are the only two which are rated A+ with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and are guaranteed legitimate companies. The process is extremely simple:

Sign up for an account on one or both of the survey sites
Fill in some personal information and interests so you will get matched with the most suitable surveys
Receive an alert every time a new survey is available
Surveys range from a couple of minutes to 45 minutes or more
Reimbursement varies depending on the length and complexity of the survey

Although not an option as a full time gig, paid surveys are great when you’re relaxing on the couch or have a spare few minutes to click some buttons. This is a great way to earn over $100 per month for doing next to nothing!

4. Uber

Uber has exploded in popularity and is used by millions of people worldwide. The fantastic concept allows anyone to become a driver as long as their car meets the requirements and they maintain a good rating from customers. The process to becoming an Uber driver is simple:

Apply with Uber by filling out an application form
Have a registered four door, four seat car with insurance
Maintain a rating of over three stars
Work your own schedule
You will receive 80% of everything you earn

There is great potential for making money if you love driving and meet all of the requirements!

5. Get Paid to Install Apps

There are various apps which will reimburse you financially if you install them on your device and keep them installed. Many companies use these apps for data to understand mobile usage such as sites people visit, time of day people browse, and other consumer related information. If you aren’t too fussed about mobile usage privacy, this is a great way to make money. Here are some great apps you can install:

ShopTracker – If you are an Amazon user, this app will send you a $3 Visa gift card each month that you keep the app installed.
MobileExpressions for Android – The same app but for Android.
SavvyConnect – An app which uses data to rank the most popular apps and sites by using your data, SavvyConnect pays you $5 per month per device that you have it installed on.

6. Achievemint

If you’re looking for some extra motivation to get fit and healthy, Achievemint allows you to earn cold hard cash for completing activities. The app works with a range of fitness apps such as:

Roundable C25K
Apple’s Healthkit
Many More

Once you link Achievemint to one or all of your fitness apps and allow your data to be shared you will start earning points. These can be converted to cash or gift cards in $10 increments when you reach 10,000 points.

7. MyPoints

Want to earn money for doing something you already do? MyPoints allow you to earn cash back for purchases you make online and for printing coupons. This is a great way to save money and you can even receive a free $10 Amazon gift card by doing the following:

Create an account with MyPoints
Use the MyPoints app or web portal next time you shop online with any of the thousands of stores it is connected with
If you spend $10 or more at any of the stores you will receive bonus points which you can redeem for a $10 Amazon gift card

8. Open a Second Bank Account

Banking is a highly competitive business and there are numerous banks which will offer you cash to switch or open an account with them. Do some research into which banks are offering the best deals and either move your account over to them or simply open a second bank account, depending on what the deal specifies. Some banks are known to offer up to $250 for simply opening a second account. Now that’s easy money!

9. Clink

A money saving service, Clink helps you put some money aside for a rainy day or an event by taking small amounts of cash out of your bank account each week. You can choose to put as little as $1 per day into you Clink saving account or even set a weekly amount. You’ll be surprised how quickly these saving can add up. To sweeten the deal, Clink also offer a $5 bonus when you sign up with them. To avail of the bonus simply:

Download the Clink smartphone app
Setup your account with your email address
Receive your $5 bonus!

10. Medical Research

This may sound scary, however, many treatment available today are only on the shelves due to people who have participated in medical studies. These studies are not only hugely beneficial to helping find cures for ailments, but also offer generous reimbursements for participants. There are many ways you can make money using medical studies including:

Fill in a questionnaire to see which studies you qualify for
Some studies require you to have specific ailments such as psoriasis or arthritis while others require fit and healthy subjects
If you qualify for a medical study you could be invited to attend a trial or answer a survey questionnaire
You can earn upwards of $10,000 depending on which study you qualify for!

11. Sell Board Game Pieces Online

This may sound a little whacky, but there is money to be made from selling spare pieces for board games. Think about it, how many times have you opened your game of Monopoly only to find a handful of pieces were missing and you had to improvise? There are people who will gladly pay to re-complete their board game set and here’s how you can make money doing it:

Look in thrift stores and similar places for cheap board games which are missing pieces
List the spare pieces for sale online
You can even create mystery bags or sell them in other inventive ways
It’s possible to make upwards of $100 every three months or so

12. Become a Part-Time Bookkeeper

Virtual bookkeepers are in demand and if you would like to help other businesses tackle problems, you could become an online bookkeeper without any qualifications. Essentially, all that is needed to do this job is decent computer skills and a passion for helping businesses tackle real world issues. This option is hugely popular and for good reason – virtual bookkeepers can earn up to $60 per hour! Head over to for more information on how to start.

13. HealthyWage

An intriguing and motivational way to help you lose weight, HealthyWage actually rewards you for shedding those pounds. The idea is simple and a truly excellent way to lose weight and celebrate with some financial gain. Here’s how it works:

Sign up for an account with HealthyWage
Define a goal weight and the period of time in which you want to achieve it
Place a monetary bet ranging from $20 to $500 a month
Depending on how much you wager, how much weight you lose, and how long you give yourself to achieve your goals, you could win up to $10,000!
There’s a handy calculator to help you discover how much you’ll need to lose based on your wager

14. Reward TV

Do you live watching television? Are you always up to date with the latest blockbuster shows? Then Reward TV is certainly for you. The app pays you to answer trivia questions based on the previous night’s television programs. The app is simple and fun to use with all questions based on programming over the last seven days. You could earn between $15 and $20 per month by simply spending a few minutes answering questions about the TV shows you love the most. A nice little extra earner!

15. Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping has two main benefits – you get paid to test out a service or product and you usually get to keep the product you are purchasing or testing. There are a huge range of mystery shopping opportunities available. Numerous large companies such as Pizza Hut regularly use mystery shopping as a way of testing their service. Imagine, you could earn $5 and a free pizza by simply timing the delivery service, rating the quality of pizza, and expressing your overall satisfaction with the company. Some of the best mystery shopping companies to work for include:

Best Mark
Sinclair Customer Metrics
Market Force
Experience Exchange

These companies provide mystery shopping jobs for a range of large retailers and include everything from actual store visits to ordering goods online.

16. Become a Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines use complicated algorithms to compile relevant results when you type a query into a search engine. However, these algorithms don’t always get it right and as such companies such as Google employ people to “correct” these mistakes. Search engine evaluators can earn between $12 and $15 per hour and are employed as independent contractors. There are several companies where you can find these jobs including:

Appen Butler Hill

Landing a job as a search engine evaluator often requires either a qualification test which you don’t get paid for and/or a telephone interview. However, if you are given a contract to do the work you can work as little or as often as you like and receive very good pay for a simple job.

The above ideas are some excellent ways in which you can make extra money from home or even start to lay the foundations for working from home full time. Many people who work from home make use of several of these ideas with the income from each method adding up to a substantial amount of income each month.

17. Rebate Apps

Everyone needs to grocery shop, so why not get some cash back on your weekly shopping? There are several apps which do just that. All you have to do is download one (or all) of the apps and scan your grocery receipt to receive a cash rebate on certain goods. The best part is that you don’t even need to change your shopping habits or change to a new supermarket. These apps will rebate you in cash for a huge range of items from many of the major grocery stores nationwide. Some of the best include:

Ibotta ($10 sign up bonus)

If you download them all you could even receive three rebates on the same shop!

18. User Testing

Have you ever used a website and found it confusing to navigate? What about website that you love using thanks to the layout? With User Testing you can get paid to pass judgement on websites. Playing a critic for websites can earn you up to $30 per hour and be a great way to make some extra cash. Here’s how it works:

Sign up with User Testing
Download their software
When tasks are available you will receive a notification
While you are testing a website your mouse movements, keystrokes, and comments are recorded
After you answer a short questionnaire
Get paid!

19. Bookscouter

Everyone has some old books lying around the house. Whether you have novels that are ready to be passed on to a new owner or even old textbooks from high school or college, there is money to be made. A great place to get rid of this clutter is Bookscouter. To use the service simply:

Type in the book’s International Standard Book Number (IBSN), which is located near the barcode
Bookscouter will connect you with the top best paying buyback companies online
Find the company which offers the most cash
Fill in where you would like to receive your cash (PayPal, bank account etc.)
Ship the books using prepaid shipping labels

Once the company receives the book and verifies the condition you will generally receive payment within 5 working days.

20. Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you don’t mind repetitive and very simple tasks, Amazon Mechanical Turk is a great way to get some extra income. The service offers extremely simple tasks which can be completed by almost anyone such as spotting pictures of low quality, performing searches, and other data work. Each task generally pays around $0.10, however, they take only a matter of seconds to complete, especially once you get used to the system. It is incredible how quickly the money can add up and you could earn an extra $50 to $100 per month for only a few hours work. A key to using the service efficiently is to just accept the next task you are qualified for rather than searching for the perfect task. This work is about speed and with all tasks being relatively straightforward you could make up to $10 per hour.

21. Decluttr

With everything going digital these days there really is no need for that bookshelf full of DVDs or that box full of old CDs. Getting rid of these old discs along with some hardware such as old phones, game consoles, and iPods can be a great way to earn some extra cash. Decluttr offers one of the best services for making some space in your home and getting paid to do so. Simply follow these steps:

Download the Decluttr app
Scan the barcodes of all your old CDs, DVDs, consoles and anything else they accept
You will get immediate quotes on the value as you scan the items
Send the items using the free shipping service
Get paid into your bank account or PayPal

If you have a large number of CDs or DVDs lying around you will be surprised how much you can make from decluttering!

22. Instacart

A kind of Uber for grocery shopping, Instacart is a service where users can skip the queues in the grocery store by hiring a personal shopper to do the groceries for them. If you have reliable transportation you can apply to become a driver in either San Francisco or Boston for Instacart and get paid to grocery shop for other people. The process is as follows:

Submit an application to become a driver for Instacart
Complete a short online quiz regarding common grocery store items
Complete a short interview with the city manager
If you pass all three stages you will qualify to become a driver
When a customer uses the service you have two hours to pick up the groceries and deliver them

23. Foap

Do you love taking photos on your smartphone? Have you got an eye for capturing great pictures? Foap is an app which can help you turn your amazing smartphone pictures into cash. There are endless possibilities with Foap and you can upload as many pictures as you like to sell on their marketplace. Here’s how the system works:

Download the Foap app for free
Create a free account
Take an amazing picture
Upload the picture to the Foap marketplace
Someone buys the license to your picture for $10
You receive $5
There are unlimited opportunities to sell the same picture
Upload as many pictures as you like

If you are genuinely talented at taking pictures there is big money to be made using Foap. It’s all about capturing the right moment!

24. Ebates

It’s always great to get something for nothing and that’s exactly what you receive from Ebates. A cash back shopping website, Ebates gives all new customers a free $10 gift card when they sign up for an account. That’s it. No catch. No anything. Just a free $10 gift card when you earn your first cash back rebate. The process is simple:

Create a free account
Earn your first cash back rebate
Claim a $10 gift card for Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, or Walmart

The gift card takes around 30 days to arrive, however, it is free money!

25. Customer Service

It is becoming increasingly common for large companies to hire customer service reps who work from home rather than outsourcing to a call center. These companies can be quite flexible with full time, part time, weekend, evening, night time, and other shifts available. Generally, you will agree a working schedule with the company and get paid depending on the hours you work and the location you are based in. This is a fantastic way to guarantee regular income, even if you are only working a few hours per week. Usually the job involves working on a live text chat service or over the phone. If you are tech-savvy, there are higher paying technical customer service jobs available. Some of the best places to seek out this work include:

Active Network
IceFrog Technologies

26. Trash is Cash

Yes, all that trash you are throwing out could be converted in hard cash! Dumpster diving is hugely popular and there is a good reason why so many people root through trash. Countless items that you are throwing away could be worth money with some of the more whacky things including:

Ink Cartridges. Used ink cartridges can sell for between $1 and $2 while larger toners can fetch up to $20.
Wine Bottles and Corks. Empty wine bottles are selling on eBay for 50 cents a pop while corks can sell for around 10 cents each.
Old Magazines. Many people still collect old magazines and you may be surprised at how much someone is willing to pay on eBay for that old National Geographic magazine you were about to throw away.
Plastic Coke Bottles. The “Coke Rewards” program which lists little codes on the inside of the cap on coke bottles makes these valuable. Check out for information on how to redeem the codes for gift certificates.

27. Fiverr

A hugely popular platform, Fiverr allows anyone to offer their services for $5. Called “gigs”, you can offer anything from writing a short article to photo shopping someone into a picture with a celebrity. Whatever talent you have, you can list it on Fiverr for $5 and make little sales which quickly add up. The process in getting started on Fiverr is simple:

Create a free account on
List a “gig” advertising your skills
Receive buyers who wish to avail of your skill
Get paid when you complete the job

The great thing about Fiverr is that you can sell almost anything on the platform. Check out the website for some great inspirational ideas.

28. Enter a Naming Contest

Although large corporations can employ professional branders to help name their companies, small businesses turn to freelancers for help. There are countless companies looking for an ideal name and they are willing to pay anyone who comes up with one. These “naming contests” are extremely popular and a great way to make money by displaying your creativity. Here’s how it works:

Head over to a naming contest site such as or
Browse the list of businesses seeking a name
Each listing has information about the business to help you get your creative juices flowing
Submit your entry and if it’s chose you win the prize

Many of the contests offer prizes between $100 and $500, so if you have a knack for catchy company names you could make some serious cash using this method.

29. Airbnb

It is likely you have heard of Airbnb before, the service where people rent their home or a spare room in their home to a traveler or business person for a few nights. If you are heading away on holidays for a week or two or if you have a spare room in your home, using Airbnb can help you earn some serious cash. The process is very simple:

Create an account on Airbnb
List your property or room with as much detail as possible
You can choose how much you want to rent the house or room for, however, check out other listings in the area to make sure you don’t over or under price your property
When you receive a booking you will get paid after the guest stays for one night

Airbnb is generally a very safe way to rent a room or house, however, we recommend reading the guide on the site to staying safe.


Private tutoring is a huge market and one which you can earn very well in if you have some experience in any field needed. While traditional tutoring took place face to face, has introduced virtual tutoring where you can remotely tutor students from around the world in a range of subjects and fields. Pay ranges from $9 to $13 per hour for instructors and you can even earn $5.50 per hour by simply logging in and waiting for students. The tutoring involves answering student questions, uploading tutorials, and explaining your notes.

31. Massage Dogs

No, this isn’t a joke! Pet massaging is big business and you could make excellent money by becoming a dog masseuse. Qualified dog masseuses can earn a whopping $50 per hour! Here’s how you get started:

Watch some pet massage videos online to understand the techniques
Apply for a qualification from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)
Connect with a local vet or advertise yourself as an individual

32. Write Slogans

If you have a knack for catchy slogans you could make money writing slogans for companies. There are plenty of companies seeking a great slogan writer to come up with the next catchphrase for their product. This could include a corporate tagline, advertising jingle, greeting card message, or funny thought to put on their product. Here are some places where you can get started writing slogans:

Slogan Slingers
Get a Slogan

Slogan Slingers and Get a Slogan are contest run slogan websites, whereas on Freelancer some are run as contests while others require previous success.

The above ideas are the first steps in making your dream of working from home a reality. Many people combine several of these ways to make money from home to earn a legitimate living. Why not give it a try?

Bonus #33 – Build E-commerce Stores

Last but not least, it would be a travesty if I did not introduce my company Social Stinger into the making money online game.  My company Social stinger’s main products are E-commerce and Facebook marketing. We’ve been doing this successfully over the past few years in building multiple 6-7 figure businesses on the internet by selling products and services to our customers. We currently have over 2,000+ customers using our services and growing!

One of the best ways to make money on the internet and one of the most rewarding, is to build yourself an e-commerce business.  We build websites in which we can sell products that people love to buy!  We then market these websites on Facebook to get people aware of what we’re selling and aware of our products.  We then get traffic from Facebook to our stores, in which our customers will be able to make purchases. We take in money to our bank account, in which we use that money to pay for products from our suppliers (dropshipped) without having to even store any inventory.  All of our products are then shipped out automatically to our customers.

If you have any questions on how this business works, visit our website or email us at and we would gladly help you!  You can also contact us using the phone number +1 609-531-0599


Hello there, my name is Teo Vanyo and I’ve been doing internet marketing full time since 2010.