Top 25 Niches For High Traffic On Google

Today I’m going to show you the top 25 niches that you can target to get high volumes of traffic on Google.  If you are doing any type of business on the internet, you already know how much traffic can be a crucial 500 lb Gorilla when it comes to generating leads and sales.  Now … what if I showed you the top 25 niches that I’ve personally created websites on, to pull in high volumes of traffic on Google.  Would this interest you? … Of course 🙂

When it comes to ranking websites on Google, it’s starting to get harder and harder to get ranked for those “evergreen” niches.  Most of us get discouraged when we work hard on our SEO sites and see little to no results … Believe me, I’ve been there and did that.  When it comes to SEO nowadays and getting traffic to your sites, you have to be a little bit more proactive in finding different niches that are highly popular and no one would even think about.  What I’m going to give you today is pure GOLD and some of these niches have made me hundreds of dollars per day in automated revenues.

Top 25 Out-Of-The-Box Niches

  1. Minecraft
  2. Guitars
  3. Celebrities
  4. Holidays
  5. Costumes
  6. Chocolates
  7. Peppers
  8. Popular Mobile Apps
  9. Popular Mobile Games
  10. Tiny Homes
  11. Video Editing
  12. Jokes & Entertainment
  13. Smart Watches
  14. Coding / Development
  15. Accessories
  16. Piano Sheet Music
  17. Senior Dating
  18. Hair Braiding
  19. Korean Fashion
  20. Magic Tricks
  21. Home Designs
  22. Infertility
  23. Drug Tests
  24. DNA Testing
  25. Foreclosure


Believe it or not, you don’t always have to go for the evergreen and hard competitive niches out there. There are literally hundreds and thousands of different niches that people STILL search online today and you just have to use your creativity.  I’ve had a few of these niches produce up to $9k+ per month in earnings because I was doing 2 things :

#1 – I was targeting the right marketing with little competition

#2 – I had the right offer for this market to solve their problems

You need to be able to solve people’s problems in order to take a slow site to being a highly successful site. Even if you have 100 visitors per day, you can still target the right offer to those visitors that are highly engaged in your contents. I would rather have 100 people who are highly engaged in my contents and will eventually turn into a buyer lead than 100,000 visitors that are untargeted and turn up to becoming 0 sales.  Zero sales out of 0 is still … ZERO.

The secret formula to making money with select few niches

Step #1 – Find a niche that is catered to a specific pain in your market

Step #2 – Find a solution for that particular market (an offer / service). You can find such offers in different places online such as / / / and many other affiliate networks and programs out there available.  Just search on Google “niche + affiliate” or “niche + offer” (replace the word niche, with your niche of choice)

Step #3 – Provide that service to your audience in specific niche markets for optimal results.  You can either put them through an email autoresponder or a series of landing pages and a funnel to get them to purchase your product. My best route has ALWAYS been to building an email list so that you can continually send them relevant offers and multiple offers throughout the life of the lead.

The point of this blog post is to open your eyes and show you that the world out there has a TON of great ideas and great niches with little to no competition (especially if you have a great offer already set).  There are even niches out there that will show you how to “get more gold” in an online game and how to conquer your enemies an win games faster which makes 6-7 figures per year.  As long as you have the traffic and the solution to your visitor’s problems, you will see great results come out of it.

It would also be a shame to write up this blog post without showing you a service that my team and I have developed over the course of 6+ years to perfect for you. I have been building these authority sites for myself as well as for clients for many years now and we have done extremely well for myself .. (See image below of just 1 day’s earning with Adsense)


Check out the screenshot above showing $1,044 in earnings in just one day from these out of the box niches I’ve just showed you.  When you’re targeting these niches out there, you can easily grab massive amounts of Google traffic and conquer your market.  You really just have to think OUTSIDE the BOX and find GIANT communities that have a huge following (but no one is targeting) …

Once you find these niches, start building your authority site and start dominating multiple page #1 rankings on Google for search terms you would not even have thought about.  There are literally billions of searches on Google every day and this is why I’m not afraid to share these niches with you!  I’m not afraid of the competition or scarcity of these niches, because the market is just TOO BIG.  I’m targeting for niches that NO ONE would ever think about and that’s because of the out of the box mentality that I’ve been focusing on.

It would also be a shame if I did not show you this offer as well.  Some might say it’s a shameless plug, but it’s really a shame if you knew that I was doing this for myself and have not shown it to you …  

If you would like to have stores like these and start generating 100% organic traffic from Google, we have created a service for our clients which we build out Authority sites 100% DFY (done for you).  These sites have been proven to generate traffic, leads and sales for myself and the hundreds of clients we have provided this for.  If you are interested in these stores, you can visit our Authority site services here.

What I would recommend even if you do not take our services, is that you go out there and find specific niches that you can be an authority of and generate contents for.  Once you have dominated your market and have become an authority in that market, you need to attract your website visitors with offers that will help them SOLVE their PROBLEM.  Remember … you don’t always have to go for evergreen niches such as diet / health / skin / fitness and do what EVERYONE else is trying to do.  It’s always good to also have your own mindset and think of new ways to generate traffic in different markets.  There are millions of people out there looking to find a solution for their problems. If you can gather these people who have problems and give them a solution to their problems, that’s where you will find success.


Hello there, my name is Teo Vanyo and I’ve been doing internet marketing full time since 2010.