Top 100 Ecommerce Niches List

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In our industry, my team and myself have been asked the same question that many of you out there are struggling with right now.  Which niche should I get into and what are the best niches out there? There really is no right or wrong answer to this and here’s the reason why … Each niche is different with a variety of factors such as the price point of the products, the demographics of your buyers (age / gender), how big is your niche community, what triggers people to buy, the pains, their problems and your solution.  That was really a handful of factors that can go into each of these niches.  The only way to find out which niche is “THE BEST NICHE” is to really go out there and find out for yourselves.  All of these niches below are GOOD niches and have made someone if not many people very wealthy.

You just have to go out there and start taking massive action so that you can see which niche is the best one for you.  What I’ve done for you today is give you the top 100+ niches in ecommerce which you could go out there and target for yourselves.  The best niche is the one that’s performing the best for YOU and the one where you are comfortable and knowledgeable about (and even if you aren’t knowledgeable in a niche, find someone who is to help you).  Many times I’ve sold products in niches I have ZERO sense on and all I did was just go out there and take a few hours of research to make myself an authority in that niche.

  1. Apparel
  2. Aromatherapy
  3. Art & Supplies
  4. As Seen On TV
  5. Asian Supplies
  6. Auto Electronics
  7. Automotive
  8. Baby Items
  9. Bars & Clubs
  10. Bed & Bath
  11. Body Jewelry
  12. Books
  13. Business Opportunities
  14. Business Services
  15. Cameras
  16. Candles
  17. Cell Phone Accessories
  18. Cell Phones
  19. Childrens Clothing
  20. Clocks
  21. Closeout Items
  22. Collectibles
  23. Computer Parts
  24. Cosmetics
  25. Costume Jewelry
  26. Craft Supplies
  27. DVD & Video
  28. Dental Equipment
  29. Dinnerware
  30. Dollar Items
  31. E-cigs
  32. Fashion Accessories
  33. First Aid
  34. Flashlights
  35. Floral & Designs
  36. Food & Grocery
  37. Furniture
  38. Green Products
  39. Guitar
  40. Gun Storage & Accessories
  41. Hair Accessories
  42. Hair Accessories
  43. Handbags
  44. Hats
  45. Health and Beauty
  46. Holiday Items
  47. Home Entertainment
  48. Housewares
  49. Industrial Supplies
  50. Jeans & Denim
  51. Jewelry
  52. Kids & Teen Products
  53. Kitchen Supplies
  54. Knives & Swords
  55. Lawn Supplies
  56. Leather Products
  57. Lighting
  58. Linens
  59. Lingerie
  60. Made In USA Products
  61. Medical Equipment
  62. Military Items
  63. Music
  64. Novelties
  65. Office Supplies
  66. POS / Credit Card Equipment
  67. Packaging Products
  68. Paintballing
  69. Party Supplies
  70. Perfume
  71. Pest Control
  72. Pet Supplies
  73. Piano
  74. Plus Size Clothing
  75. Printers & Accessories
  76. Professional Items
  77. Promotional Items
  78. Regional & Ethnic Products
  79. Religious Items
  80. Rugs & Carpetting
  81. Saxophone
  82. School Supplies
  83. Security
  84. Self-Defense Items
  85. Shoes & Footwear
  86. Signs
  87. Smoking Products
  88. Sporting Goods
  89. Sports Nutrition
  90. Storage and Containers
  91. Store Fixtures
  92. Store Supplies
  93. Sunglasses & Eyewear
  94. Tattoo Equipment
  95. Textiles
  96. Ties and Neckwear
  97. Tobacco
  98. Tools & Hardware
  99. Toys and Hobbies
  100. Trumpet
  101. Vaping
  102. Vending Machines
  103. Video Games
  104. Watches
  105. Wedding and Bridal
  106. Women’s Clothing


There are literally HUNDREDS of niches out there outside of this list and the possibilities are endless … For example, the other day I found someone selling a product to help you sleep better (and selling just ONE product) with over 500,000 monthly visitors to his store.  This is an example of a “GOOD” niche and even though some of you nay sayers out there will say that it will never make money, it’s just less competition to the guy who is pulling in multiple 7 figures in this niche.  You just have to be creative and think outside the box and just get started. That’s where you will find YOUR niche and figure out the pieces to the puzzle.  There’s no right or wrong answer to which niche you absolutely HAVE to get into … just go out there and DO IT.

The next step is to get your store set up by either using Shopify (which is currently the easiest platform to build ecommerce stores) or Magento / BigCommerce / OSCommerce and any other platforms to get you started.  You will then need to create a logo, create your business terms and find products, images and descriptions for each of the products on your store.  This is a lengthy process for some and it can take you 50-100 hours to get your stores set up depending on your experience.  Of course, there are other alternatives to this …

If you are having trouble with the “DOING” part, we have also created a solution to help you out. We’ve created a Done For You service where my team is going to personally build you an ecommerce store using Shopify with everything included such as the product research, product descriptions, product pricing and margins, images, website logos, store settings, shipping settings, privacy policy, refund policy and everything set up ready for you to just start selling.  If you are in between the barrier of doing ecommerce and actually just getting started, let us help you break through and get you started right away.  Just check out one of our example stores Outdoors Hiking and imagine having a store just like this where you can start selling. We will do all of this for you and get you set up and all you have to do is start selling products and see which products are selling best, scaling that product to the moon.

All you have to do is

#1 – Pick a niche you want

#2 – Order your DFY store (

#3 – Let our team build out your store

#4 – Start selling!

With everything all done for you and your entire ecommerce business fully built by our professional ecommerce staff, all you would have to do is just go out there and START SELLING.  We’ve done the hard part and the next step is just to get started!  There’s no real science to this other than to find the products that are selling very well on your store and putting your 110% focus on those products to scale up.  If you already know that 5 products out of 50 are selling VERY well, then focus on those products and making your first 5 figures then go hit your 6 figure and 7 figure goals.  Ecommerce right now is HUGE and will never stop growing, so the best time to get in is RIGHT NOW when the fire is just starting up.  You do not want to wait 6-12 months down the road to see the newbies who started 6-12 months earlier change their lives and hit massive 6-7 figure a year income from just 1 store and from just 5-10 of their best selling products.  Go out there and take initiative.

Enjoy this list!

Teo Vanyo


Hello there, my name is Teo Vanyo and I’ve been doing internet marketing full time since 2010.