Top 10 Free Traffic Sources Online

One of the hardest things to get on the internet is TRAFFIC … especially the kind that’s free.  In this blog post, I’m going to show you the top 10 ways to get free traffic and how you can get this traffic for literally ANY niche.  You could use this for your ecommerce stores, your blogs, your products and services pages and anything that you are promoting on the internet.  In the internet marketing world, this is equivalent to b2b in what we call sweat equity.  This type of traffic requires little to no money upfront to get started (the only money you might spend is on  your email autoresponder accounts).

Traffic Method #1 – Guest Posts

Guest posting can be EXTREMELY profitable for you, especially if the owner of the blog where you are posting contents have high traffic.  Essentially it works like this :

a) You will contact a blog post owner and request to post guest post contents

b) You will then write contents for that blog owner that’s relevant to their blog

c) You can then have a link back to your website using the author bio, or within the actual guest post itself

You can find many guest posts out there on Google by using some footprints such as :

“powered by wordpress” + “guest post” + “your niche”


Once you get your guest post approved and once you’ve found the perfect blog with a good amount of traffic, just sit back and watch the traffic from the guest post go back to your website.

Traffic Method #2 – Forum Marketing

Getting traffic from forums is more of a culture than it is a method.  You have to understand forum culture in order to be able to effectively get GOOD traffic by using this method.  What I mean is that you need to understand the flow of forums and how they work… You can’t just go into a forum and start blasting your links pretending that you might / might not get any traffic.  You have to subtly do this by making yourself an authoritative figure on these forums.

A good example is to provide good contents that people on these forums would really be interested in what you have to say.  No one is going to listen to someone who has 1 post and just registered yesterday.  If you want forum traffic to work, you really have to do WORK.  You need to interact with others, create massive value and make sure you have a good enough post count to show that you are active and engaging.

Once you’ve gained a following (just like in social media), you can then start promoting your products and services (as long as the forum admins allow this).  You could also use signature links so that whenever you post a reply or a new thread, your signature link or banner (depends on the forum) will show up.  If you have a good following, expect to get a lot of traffic from your signature link and the contents that you post.  If you are not a very reputable member on a forum, you won’t get much respect in the community …. and thus goes back to forum culture.


The image above shows a member of a forum that is highly respected in the community.  He has 3 links going to his SEO sales pages on his signature as well as over 3,673 posts.  Imagine if you were to get an average of 10 visitors for each post that you create – that would be 36,730 visitors to your website just on ONE forum!

I was able to generate MASSIVE traffic by using just forums and I was able to even get enough traffic to make a 6 figure income on just one forum.  The power of these forums can be amazing if you use it right … and of course, it all boils down to the forum culture.  You need to build a big enough culture so that everyone will recognize you as an authority.

Traffic Method #3 – Building Your Email List

This is one of my favorite forms of traffic, just because of the power of building a quality email list.  Notice that I mentioned quality over quantity … By building quality email lists, my partner and I were able to build multiple 7 figure businesses just by using email traffic.

The first steps to building out your email list, is to get a reputable company to host your leads.  If you are just starting, I would recommend companies like Aweber, Getresopnse and Mailchimp just because they are extremely easy to use and requires little work to get started. Once you’ve gotten bigger lists of 150k+, then I would recommend other enterprise solutions to get your mails out.


In order to build your email list, you must have these 3 things :

a) You need a lead magnet. You need something that will attract other users to subscribe to your list. Whether it’s a free ebook, a guide, video course, etc. You must have a lead magnet to offer, in order to get people onto your list.

b) You will need an email autoresponder solution such as Aweber / Getresponse / Mailchimp so that you can actually send these leads somewhere. Once they are in your system, you will need to of course … EMAIL THEM!  This step around 90% of people skip and miss out. This step actually takes work, and requires diligence in continually emailing your leads.

c) Give your list free contents to gain their trust. You don’t want to have a dead list because all you offer is promotions and “BUY THIS, BUY THAT”.  In order to keep a highly engaged list of audience, you have to continually offer EXCELLENT content that even YOU would want to read.  This is the key to making email marketing work.

Once you are able to grab the attention of your readers, you can then start promoting high quality offers that you know your readers would benefit from.  It is very imperative that you give your list only the best, or else they will go elsewhere.  You don’t want to spam them with crappy offers either .. you want to make sure that they have good quality content that they could actually use and will benefit them.

Traffic Method #4 – Social Media Branding

One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is through social media and through your branding.  Just like forum marketing,  you have to make sure that you build up a culture in your social media following. You want people to follow you because of the quality of contents that you promote.  There are literally millions of other people out there that your followers could be following. What sets you apart from others is how unique you are and the level of quality you are willing to offer to your visitors.


The image above shows a social media post with over 707+ likes as well as 579 shares.  This shows that engaging content, will really be able to go viral and spread your message out there like wildfire.  You must be able to have engaging content that people would actually want to share to even their own newsfeed.

With social media branding and traffic, you really need to find out what people like and what your audience is interested in.  You can do this by split testing your campaigns and finding out exactly what your visitors are influenced by and examining the number of likes and shares of your posts.  This is a good indicator that your contents are really being enjoyed by your audience.  The more relevant and engagements within your posts, the more fans will be visiting your website.

Traffic Method #5 – Contact Form Submission

Depending on your business model and what you are selling, this could be one of the most lucrative lead generating method you could use for your business.  Essentially, what you are doing is basically finding potential clients through submitting contact forms on their website.  Here are the exact steps :

a) Figure out who your potential clients are.  Maybe you are selling SEO software to SEO agencies and you need to get your word out there… Or maybe you are selling a service to insurance companies and you need to get in touch with these leads.  Find out exactly those these people are and that’s going to be your target market.

b) Search on Google for these contact forms by using footprints such as “seo company” “contact us”


c) Once you’ve found your targets, go to their website and start sending out messages / proposals to these companies with what you have to offer.  You could send them small baits to get them to reach out to you, or you could be very blunt and send them your offer.  Your success all depends on your split test within your marketing and how well you can sell to your customer.

This method is one of the exact methods that big b2b companies use to land high 6-7 figure deals.  If you do this properly, you will be able to see success and leads LOOKING for YOU.

Traffic Method #6 – Long Tail SEO Traffic

One of the most long lasting traffic that you could get is SEO traffic.  There are so many people out there targeting the hard keywords, when the easy keywords are within 24 hours of ranking and can get you the same amount of traffic if grouped together.  Long tail SEO traffic is one of the easiest ways to get buyer keyword traffic without having to work very hard.

Let’s take an example of a long tail keyword :

“how to fix a bmw x5 door handle”

As opposed to “bmw x5 repair”

One of my favorite methods of getting ranked on Google is by using long tail keywords .. and not just a few of them, but THOUSANDS of them.  Once you do this, you will be able to see results within a week or two and actually see traffic flowing in through your website.


Traffic Method #7 – Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is basically traffic from exchanges that you do with other website owners.  Let’s say you find a website owner within your same niche and your product is not exactly the same. You could ask that website owner to exchange links and traffic in order for you two to benefit from each other. You would actually be surprised by how well this method works and as long as you are proactive, you might land a great deal without having to spend alot of money!

Traffic Method #8 – JV Traffic

Depending on your business model, you could always find joint venture partners to promote your products and/or services.  If you are in the internet marketing niche, the JV opportunities out there are phenomenal.  Just one JV partner could send a bunch of traffic to your website as long as the offer is converting well and their list likes what you have to offer.

You could find JVs in any niche and they can send traffic to your website in the form of cold traffic, warm leads, email traffic, social media traffic and much more.  The goal of the JV partnership is to be able to help your JV make alot of money with very little effort as possible and for you to fulfill the product and/or services.  It’s a win for you because you won’t have to do much work in bringing the traffic and it’s a win for the JV because they won’t have to do much work in actually fulfilling the product / services. Using JV traffic, you could sustain yourself for many months especially if your offer is converting very well.


Traffic Method #9 – Classified Ad Websites

Classified ad sites could be very profitable depending on what you have to offer.  This is also a very tricky method because some of the bigger classified ad sites like Craigslist has some requirements or else your ads will be “ghosted” or “flagged”.  If you are looking to get traffic from Classified ad sites, the first thing I would do is actually check on what kind of contents are being passed on those sites.  You will then need to replicate a similar approach in order for your ad to show up.

I won’t go too much into detail with Craigslist ads posting and how to do it correctly (that’s for another blog post I’ll write) … but basically just find out what others are posting and copy their format.  Sometimes your ad will be ghosted meaning that it won’t even show up because of certain keywords that will put you in the “spam box” for these classified sites.

a) Find classified sites on Google such as

b) Search through their categories and find out what others are posing.

c) Replicate those similar posts and spin up your own.

d) Get traffic from these classified ad sites and redirect them to your website / offer.

Traffic Method #10 – Youtube

Youtube generates over 21 billion visitors per month.  It’s the #3 site in the world and actually one of the easier methods of generating traffic to your website as long as you understand how to work the system.  There are 3 ways of acquiring traffic from Youtube and one method could be considered spam (but it still works).

a) One of the easier ways of generating traffic on Youtube is by searching for long tail keywords and getting them ranked on Google.  You could create a video and post it on youtube as well as throw in a few backlinks on there and within 24 hours, you could see your video on top of Google for your specific keyword terms.

b) The other way of generating consistent traffic on Youtube is to gain a following by subscriptions from other viewers. Just like any other social media network, you could also gain a following and bring in more traffic to your websites and offers that you are promoting on your video.  I know of a few people who do just this and make well over 6 figures a month on just ONE video that they’ve created and gained a following on.

c) If you are really desperate for traffic, you should take this last method with caution.  You could find relevant videos and comments which can bring you alot of traffic.  Once you find these viral videos, you could always post your link to your website by creating a reply comment underneath the Youtube video.  This will generate a short spurt of traffic, but if you don’t care about the repercussions then this is an extremely easy way of getting traffic extremely fast on Youtube.


The traffic methods that I’ve shared with you can make you multi 6/7 figures or it can make you 0 figures.  These free traffic methods will only work if you do your part and actually take action.  I’ve seen many of my students go out there in the past and take MASSIVE action and come back letting me know that I’ve just made them 6 figures a year richer.  You don’t necessarily have to do all of them in order to be massively successful. Sometimes it only takes one or two methods out of this list that will really make a huge difference in your business.


Hello there, my name is Teo Vanyo and I’ve been doing internet marketing full time since 2010.