The World’s Most Dog Friendly Office

Located in Salisbury, Massachusetts, Kurgo is a company that caters to the active lifestyle of dogs and their owners. They sell all sorts of items for your pooch including harnesses and leashes, outdoor gear and items to make traveling with your dog easy. The products are high quality and come with affordable price tags.

The most unique thing about Kurgo is that it is a dog friendly office. How cool is that? The 4,000 square foot office has a modern decor with giant steel shipping containers that are used as the backdrop for the office’s structure. The floors are both concrete and non-skid linoleum. These features allow for easy clean up after the pups that come into the office each day.

Breezing over the product line up Kurgo offers, you can easily see how much love and thought this company has for man and his best friend. Having a dog is no different than having a child that you want to take pretty much everywhere with you. If you live and enjoy a life full of fun outdoor activities, then you and your pooch are in need of what Kurgo offers.


Kurgo understands what you need when taking your pet out. First things first, a car seat cover. They offer sizes to fit any car seat or hammocks that cover pretty much the entire back seat of a car. There are also cargo covers that can fit in the back of an SUV. If your pooch is a tiny little fellow, skip the car seat cover and get a dog booster seat.

When you’re out and about, your pup is going to need a good collar and leash, as well as a bowl for water or food. Kurgo spares no expense with your dog’s safety. The collars, harnesses and leashes are made from high quality, wear resistant materials. Having a travel bowl on hand will make sure your dog stays nice and hydrated throughout the day.



If you like to take your dog on adventures, Kurgo has thought of it all. They have life vests that can help keep your lassie afloat and coats to keep them warm in cold weather. You can even get your pooch a backpack to carry his favorite snack or toy while you’re out. Did I mention, Kurgo also has a line of fun toys you and your dog will love?

If you love dogs, you’re going to love Kurgo and the products they have. Letting the employees bring their dogs to work shows how invested they are in their business. The people who are making this stuff actually love dogs. They get to spend all day with their pets and feed off their energy. Employees get to spend their lunch breaks at Kurgo walking their dogs; it’s called “stink and steps”.


With the center of attention focused solely on the relationship between dogs and their owners, it’s easy to see how this company is such a success. When people love what they do they pay attention to every little detail. The love these dog owners put into the products they design at Kurgo ensures you will get something of good quality every time you purchase something for your dog.


Kurgo is the world’s most dog friendly office. The pooches and their owner’s can play and relax in this incredible office made just for you. Why is it just for you? With dogs on site helping in the creating and testing of these products, each one is designed with you in mind.



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