How To Setup Shopify Properly (Walkthrough)

If you are a beginner in ecommerce and want to learn how you can properly set up your Shopify store in less than 15 minutes, we have created a tutorial showing you just that. Many of our clients ask the same questions such as how to setup Shopify properly and how to link their domains, merchant accounts, paypal and even adding new products. This video tutorial created by my partner Rocky will show you exactly how you can get your stores up and running very fast in less than 15 minutes. You don’t need to be an expert to do this – you just need to follow the simple directions shown in this video.

You will learn

  • How to setup your store name
  • How to link your domain name to Shopify
  • How to add your payment gateway such as paypal / shopify merchant / merchant account
  • Setting up your account on Shopify
  • Adding a subscription onto Shopify for $29 a month
  • Creating your refund policy / TOS / Privacy policy pages EASILY
  • Setting up your Shipping settings
  • How to add taxes
  • Changing your notification settings
  • How to add Google analytics and your Facebook pixels
  • How to password protect your stores
  • How to extend your stores with Shopify apps


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