How To Send Targeted Traffic To Your Ecommerce Stores (9 Case Studies)

In this blog post, I’m going to show you 9 different ways to where you can send traffic to your Ecommerce stores and help you get more targeted traffic to your e-commerce stores. I’ve shown you out of the box methods to where you can use these different traffic sources and increase sales by getting traffic from places you’ve never thought were possible. I would recommend that you test out these different sources as well because it all varies based on your niches. Sometimes you’ll find that some traffic sources will do very well for you while others are not going to perform. This is a natural marking face based on your niches and your target audiences to where you will find that certain audiences or even certain social networks can react differently to your products.

I would highly recommend that you test at least one new traffic source per week or per month and see what kind of results you’re getting. You’ll be surprised that often times Facebook is not the best converting traffic sources after you’ve gone out there and tested these nine different ways to getting target traffic to your e-commerce stores. We have also provided services such as our authority site services to help you get traffic to your e-commerce stores. We also have Facebook services that will help you build out your Facebook branding and posting to enable you to gain credibility with your customers. As mentioned in the video, we also have e-commerce store services to where we build a fully done for you you come e-commerce business already to go and all you have to do is start selling.

Use Our Services To Build Your Ecommerce Business

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For our authority site services, we will build you a complete done for you authority blog filled with contents relevant to your niche. This enables you to become an authority figure on Google and get you traffic using Google’s organic search engine. We will target longtail keywords related to your niche and help you get number one positions on Google so that you can get automated traffic for years to come. We have successfully been doing this for our clients and helping them get authority sites ranked number one on Google in which they are able to send thousands of visitors for free to any offer. Our authority site services also include articles, Images, and videos to help you get ranked for these long till keywords.

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Our e-commerce done for you services enables you to get an e-commerce store set up in any niche and help you get started selling products today. These stores are also proven to convert by using our custom design themes which you will receive when you purchase our services. We will also help you choose the right winning products that have been proven to sell in the e-commerce market and will also give you great margins. We hope you find these winning products and add them to your store which is included in any of our e-commerce store development services. We have help clients increase sales and revenues to even up to $3000 per day with our e-commerce services.

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Our Facebook branding services will help you gain trust and credibility with your clients who are looking to purchase from your e-commerce stores. By building branding and engagement on your e-commerce Facebook page you will enable yourself to become an authority figure in your business. Over 65% of customers Will go to your Facebook page and check if you are a legitimate business before making a buying decision. Did you know that you could be losing a whole bunch of your customers if you don’t have a Facebook page that’s highly engaging. You want to make sure that you add content related to your niche and constantly update your Facebook page so that your conversion rates will be high. Our Facebook branding services allow you to constantly keep a well-maintained page that will enable you to gain credibility and trust with your customers.

I am highly confident that my team over at social stinger is able to help you increase your sales and revenue is within your e-commerce stores by using the services. I’m also highly confident in our services and that we’ve helped countless hundreds of clients start their e-commerce business from scratch to even one client making $3000-$4000 per day on Facebook. We are extremely confident that our services will help you increase your e-commerce business and get you more sales and even get you started in creating your very own first e-commerce business (if you don’t have one already). If your brand-new to all of this and still want to get started, I would highly recommend that you purchase our e-commerce done for you business packages so that we can build your entire store for you from scratch. The best part about this is that we’ve built the stores for ourselves and even generated revenue is just like the ones you’re seeing below :




Customer Testimonial Making $3-$4k Revenue Per DAY

Our stuff works …

I want to personally thank Liane Carmi for this amazing testimonial video and let you guys know that this is very possible. All you need is a high converting theme, great products and a target audience in which you’ve seen nine different ways to target your audience is using the traffic sources I’ve shown in the video above. If you are just getting started in e-commerce, it’s very important that you learn in your beginning stages how to split test just like the way Liane was able to split test her landing pages and find out that our team that we installed for her with custom conversion tools help her increase her revenues by 3x. This enabled her to basically open up more stores, spend more money to make more money and ultimately brought her stores value to making over $1 million a year. If you want the same results, you have to do the hard work and put the effort in each of your e-commerce store’s. There are so many Mitch is out there that you can test and find really hot selling products in each niche. Just like I’ve shown in the video above where you can find nine different traffic sources to send traffic to your e-commerce stores, you can also use these nine different traffic sources to do research and see what people are buying these days.

I hope that you enjoy this blog post and this free training video and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at or post a comment below.


Hello there, my name is Teo Vanyo and I’ve been doing internet marketing full time since 2010.