How To Find Winning Ad Campaigns On FB

How cool would it be if for every $1 you spent on Facebook, you know that you’re going to make $10?

That’s exactly what I’m going to be teaching you how to do on this video. When it comes to finding winning campaigns on Facebook, it’s really no rocket science to doing this.  All you have to do is have the right target, the right product for the target and split testing factors to making it work.  If you missed out on the targeting video I created, you can find it here (  The first thing that you want to do when attempting to find your first winning campaign on FB, is to make sure that your pixels are completely set up and ready to go.  This is the first and very most important step so that you can get the best stats on your Facebook ads and Facebook can OPTIMIZE your campaigns more effectively.

#1 – Ensure that your pixels are set up properly

#2 – Don’t rely on Facebook stats for purchase conversions (Check your actual Shopify store purchase stats)

#3 – Split test your age and gender ranges

#4 – Split test your Ad images

#5 – Split test your Ad copy

#6 – Split test your Ad budget

#7 – Split test individual interests

#8 – Combine the BEST interests in one ad

The most important aspect when doing Facebook ads and finding winning ads that are going to continuously pay you over and over again, is the split testing aspect.  You need to split test various age and genders to see whose buying your products and who your customers are.  This goes back to the targeting video that I created for you.  The next step is to split test your ad copy and your ad images, because this is what’s going to give you the most clicks and conversions onto your store.  The more people clicking on your ad and headed to your store, the more likely you will be able to make a sale. When you focus on your ad copy and ad image, you are preparing yourself for success.  The higher your CTR % (click through rate), the lower your CPC (Cost per click) will be and this will ultimately help you take a LOSING ad campaign into a WINNING ad campaign just because of those 2 factors (ad copy + ad images).

Now that you’ve found your winning ad / ads, the next step is to start scaling your ads. I will go over with you on another video on how to scale your Facebook ads, but in this video I’ve demonstrated how you can split test your ad budgets.  If you’re starting out, you can split test your $5 / $10 / $15 / $20 / $25 / $30 / $35 / $40 / $45 / $50 / $55 / $60 / $65 / $70 / $75 / $80 / $85 / $90 / $95 / $100 ad budgets to find out which ones are working the best.  Some ad agencies I know go all the up to $250 in split testing ad budgets to see which adsets are performing best.  This is all up to you and this also depends on your ad budget as well.

As you can see, out of our 59 different campaigns, we have only 3 winning top campaigns that are pulling in revenues on a daily basis on this particular ad account.  Those 3 campaigns are paying back the other 56 losing campaigns OVER and OVER again … Do you think it was worth it? Of course it was!  I would recommend that you do not become lazy when doing your Facebook advertising campaigns and ultimately treat this like a full time job.  Don’t just run one ad campaign and expect it to work overnight. It takes time and patience to making these things work and it will take some time before you get your first few winning ad campaigns.  Our rate is 5-10% of our ad campaigns are going to be winners, so if you are running 20 ad campaigns, expect 1-2 of them will actually be profitable.  Don’t be afraid to spend some advertising money in the beginning. The only time you should be afraid of spending ad money is if you don’t know what you’re doing and you haven’t taken the time to properly set up your ad campaigns in the first place.


Hello there, my name is Teo Vanyo and I’ve been doing internet marketing full time since 2010.