How To Find Targeted Buyers Using Facebook Ads

In this video tutorial, I’ve shown you how you can find targeted audiences and buyers by using detailed target audiences.  As I mentioned multiple times in this video, it’s very important that you focus primarily in getting into your buyer’s mindset and finding out what they like and what they purchase.  Once you have this data, you will understand how your target market reacts to certain things and their behaviors in the market.  Understanding what your target market is interested in as well as their purchasing behavior can also influence the type of products that you promote for that audience and the demographics of those people who buy your products.

#1 – Find out who your buyers are

#2 – Find out what they are interested in

#3 – See what kind of products / pages they like

#4 – Use those pages and interests for your marketing advantage

#5 – Do some research and look into each interest / page to find audience engagement

#6 – Do some additional research in those pages and find buyer’s FB profiles

#7 – Find out what those buyers are interested in and find similarities

This is a crucial step that most Facebook marketers fail to do … which ends up losing thousands of dollars on Facebook ads because their “ads did not work” or their “products did not work”.  You will find out that by focusing at least a few hours on this crucial piece of information in your marketing, you will be more effective and your ads will be much more efficient.  I’ve had ads in the past which one particular group of buyers brought down my conversion rates down 90%.  Once you’ve done this part, you will see how IMPORTANT data is in your Facebook marketing business.  It’s one of the most important aspects to running a Facebook business and without the DATA … you will end up with the question of “my ads are not working … please help!”

It’s also important to test your audience interest groups with your products to see which ones are working.  Like I mentioned in my video, you will need to split test 2 things.

#1 – You need to split test your audience interest group

#2 – You need to split test your products

What I typically do is run 10 different products to a group of well researched interests that I know have a high chance of buying my products. Once I find out that out of the 10 products, there are a few products that are selling very well .. I know that the audience market is good.  Once I have a good selling product (for example the 2 out of 10 products), I will go and test out different audience markets to find out which audience market performs the best. You would be surprised that by doing just this, you will be able to find hidden audience gems that convert to literally pennies and get you sales compared to other audiences that convert at a lot higher rates.  Imagine being able to spend $2 and make $76 by targeting the RIGHT audience.   This is what happens when  you find the RIGHT audience and have the RIGHT product (after many split tests … the results don’t lie).


I hope that you enjoyed this video and got a ton of value out of this. I hope that this video will help you save tens and thousands of dollars online by pivoting your mindset into finding the right audience the “proper” way … I would say that 80% of your time would be spend on doing research in your target markets and finding out who your buyers are and what they like.  The other 20% is doing the actual work and plugging in the data and split testing that data to see which products are selling.


Hello there, my name is Teo Vanyo and I’ve been doing internet marketing full time since 2010.