How To Find Hot Selling Items On AliExpress

In this video I’ve shown you one trick to finding hot selling items on AliExpress and how to spot the difference between a best seller vs. a non-seller.  The trick is actually very simple and all it comprises of is just searching for sellers with the highest number of orders.  You could use this trick for any niche and for any product. All you would have to do is find the sellers with diamond rating and with a high number of orders from 200-300 or from 1000+ orders.  Using this method, you would already know exactly what the market loves to buy and which products to sell to them. I’ve used this trick in multiple occasions to find hot selling items that I could sell on my Shopify store and pull in good returns.

Steps To Finding Hot Selling Items On AliExpress :

Step #1 – Head Over To

Step #2 – Search for your desired products (i.e. necklace, backpack, tshirt, etc.)

Step #3 – Filter your search results by number of orders

Step #4 – Search for the Diamond sellers on AliExpress

Step #5 – Verify the orders and picture yourself as the buyer and see if you would buy the product in your own store

Step #6 – Start listing your product

I’ve also mentioned the free + ship model which works very well with this method.  If you find products that are selling for $.50-$3 max, you could also use the free + shipping model to make money marketing these products.  It’s an extremely easy way for you to start getting customers / leads to your store to where you can upsell them on multiple different products.  This works very well if you are looking for a fast and easy way to generate buyer leads to your store.  Of course by doing it this way, you will also be looking at a VOLUME sale rather than a quick way to make high returns.


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