How To Create FB Custom Audiences From Thin Air (No Experience)

In this video, I’ve shown you how you can create a Facebook custom audience from thin air (even if you don’t have a list). There are multiple ways to scaling a Facebook ad campaign and even starting one from scratch. I’ve had Facebook ad campaigns that brought in thousands of dollars a day in revenue by using email lists that I’ve purchased from other suppliers. The common misconception is that you HAVE to email a list of emails that you’ve purchased in order to make money from them. On the contrary – I wouldn’t even recommend that you do that.

Nowadays you can take an email list that you’ve purchased from other suppliers and create a Facebook custom audience in which Facebook will actually ‘clean’ the list for you and get you the ‘real’ number of people that are actually registered on Facebook and ready for you to market. This eliminates hundreds and thousands … if not tens and hundreds of thousands of bad leads which you would’ve been targeting. You can then take this list and start to market to them subtly by using a platform that they would’ve never thought of being targeted on because they were part of an email list which you’ve purchased. This allows you to not only warm them up by putting up your offers in front of their Facebook newsfeeds, but it also allows you to pre-sell them prior to you even doing an email blast or a follow up campaign.

Facebook custom audiences can be used in a very powerful way for you as a double edged sword in giving you the opportunity to clean up the list and market to the right crowd. Imagine if you were able to purchase a list of BUYERS who have purchased a particular product and THEN upsell them a similar product / better product / related product to what they’ve already purchased. Let’s take an example if you were to purchase a list of people who have bought XYZ skin care cream. You could then take that list of people who have purchased XYZ skin care cream and create a targeted ad campaign on Facebook showing them the “truth behind XYZ skin care cream” and why they should by your product.

This is an EXTREMELY powerful way to market your products if you have not done so yet and a great way to leverage your ninja marketing skills to another level. You could target your audience with …

  • Your email list (purchased or current)
  • List of phone numbers (get them from a phonebook)
  • Facebook user ids (You can find tools out there to get them)
  • First and last names (find them on a directory)

And basically target these highly sought after BUYERS to show them your offers on Facebook. You no longer have to do phone calls after phone calls or emails after emails to get them to buy. All you would have to do is put them through a Facebook campaign and get the right offers in front of them.  This eliminates many of the steps that you have to take to actually attempt to reach them.  Facebook does all of this for you ….  Use it as a tool and another platform to reach out to your customers.


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