Appointment Setters – How To Get 1-3 New Clients Each Day

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Appointment setters are probably one of the most underutilized lead generating tool out there on the market right now. Most people nowadays focus on the similar playbooks that everyone else is doing …

What everyone else is doing

  • Go on Facebook / Youtube and run an ad
  • Ad goes to a landing page with a webinar or booking link
  • Booking link schedules a call with you or a sales person

This is what we’re seeing right now in the market and it DOES work.

However, most people are not utilizing the power of appointment setters and how it can drastically lower your cost per conversion and even improve sales conversions.

Appointment setting is a technique where you either inhouse appointment setters, or outsourced appointment setters overseas.

I’ve done them BOTH ….

The problem when I had appointment setters in the USA was that I was faced with a lot of resistance … such as…

“I’m too good to set appointments myself”

“I don’t want to dial 100-200 calls a day”

“I don’t like to do cold calling”

This was the response I was getting with my USA staff.

The response I received from my Philippine staff was

“How can I do more calls?”

“I did 200 calls today – can I do 300?”

“My calls are all going to voicemail, can you please help me?”

The responses from the 2 different types of employees were drastically different. My Philippine appointment setters were much more hungrier than my USA staff. They didn’t have the entitlement mindset where they were either too good for phone calls or did just the bare minimums. My Philippine staff had the go-getter attitude and it’s either call or my kids go hungry.

My team and I have been doing appointment setting for over 6 years now with success. I’ve found the secrets to successfully setting great appointments over and over and over again.

#1 – Always have a target market in mind for appointment setting

#2 – Know your customer avatar

A target market is what’s KEY to making appointment setting work.

If you’re a consultant and you help people train their dogs, then find a list of dog owners. If you’re a roofer and looking to get new roofs installed, then find a list of home owners to call. If you’re a solar consultant looking to get solar installs, then find a list of people who recently requested information about solar.

These leads you can find online by just doing a simple google search and typing in “solar leads” / “roofing leads” / “Dog owner leads”

You could also use software like or SalesGenie to get these similar leads but on steroids.

I would highly recommend that when you’re doing appointment setting, you’re also finding the RIGHT people who have the experience for appointment setting.

You could either do the work yourself and be on the phones all day for 8-10 hours a day … or you could be the one closing the appointments that come in.

Find out how much your time is worth and if it’s worth it, definitely do the calls yourself. If your time is much more valuable, then I would recommend that you get a seasoned and trained virtual assistant who does appointment setting at $6-$8 per hour.

If you’re looking for appointment setters that are seasoned and trained, head over to Stealth Agents and find a list of our appointment setters who can do the job for you.

They can

  • Call your current leads
  • Call any leads lists you provide
  • Generate a leads list for you
  • Call abandon carts
  • Call and upsell current customers with more products
  • Cold call new lists and generate new business / appointments

If you’re in any of these industries :

  • E-commerce
  • Real Estate
  • Consulting
  • Staffing agency
  • B2B Sales
  • SAAS
  • Investments
  • Coaching
  • Crypto
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design

And any industry that needs appointment setting or daily leads to call, then appointment setting is a good fit for you. We’re currently doing this for our own leads on Stealth Agents as well as leads and appointments for our clients.

We’ve helped a staffing agency close her first lead within her first 2 weeks with us. She then ended up going from 300 staffing hours a month to 2,500 staffing hours in just a few months after using our appointment setting services.

If you have a service or a product that you know a market needs, then you need to have a means and a way to reach out to them. If you don’t want to do the call yourself, then you should definitely look at outsourcing those leads and calls to an appointment setter that would be more than willing and extremely happy to work on them for you for $6-$8 per hour.

Visit and get your appointment setters for only $6-$8 per hour starting today. Let’s get you started in the next 8-12 hours and get interested clients ready to talk to you this week!

Hire Appointment Setters in the Philippines today and start blessing the lives of those who have the talent and skills to help your business!


Hello there, my name is Teo Vanyo and I’ve been doing internet marketing full time since 2010.