(Also, sorry about the video – it’s a little choppy. My next videos will be better)
Internet marketing requires A LOT of work and talent to run.  Sometimes you can’t do everything yourself (even if you think you’re Super Mario) and this is where GOOD help comes into place.  Hiring from the Philippines and getting an employee to help you out with your work can be as easy as 5 minutes of work.  Here are the steps to posting your first ad on Craigslist to hire work out to the Philippines.

#1 – Head over to http://craigslist.org

#2 – Head over to the Philippines version of Craigslist http://manila.craigslist.com.ph/

#3 – Find a job category that you want to post on

#4 – Research what ‘others’ (a.k.a. competitors) are posting

#5 – Use those as templates and create your own job ad

#6 – Post on those job ads

#7 – Wait for your email inbox to fill up with resumes of qualified workers

#8 – Add them on skype and feel out if they would be a good fit for your company

#9 – Hire them and give them incentives to work for you vs. the ‘others’ (a.k.a. competitors)

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