How to find 6 Figure Products in Less than 5 Minutes. (Adspy + Commafeed Review)

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From $0 to $23k in 11-days.

Finding a winning product is more than a guessing game. If you want to find profitable inventory, you have to know where to look. Keep reading to learn how Teo finds money-making merchandise.


The AdSpy Method

Although AdSpy costs about $149 per month, the functionality is invaluable and well worth it. AdSpy’s technology gives you an in-depth overview of what your competitors are advertising and where they’re spending their money. You get to use their data to give you a better idea of your next moves.


Teo’s AdSpy Techniques (Or watch the video here)

1: Search for interest

Taking a look at the engagement your competitor’s ads are receiving can give you a clear understanding of what the people want! Use AdSpy to check for comments containing phrases like, “I want this” or “I need this” — to understand what consumers are interested in. (It’s almost like your competitor has already done some work for you).

2: Look at the amount of “likes”

Using AdSpy’s search filters, search data from the last 30-days, select content with the highest amount of likes, and take a look at what’s trending. Just as comments help you gauge the consumer’s interest in a product – the number of likes (in a recent time-period) can help you understand what items are trending in your market.


AdSpy has a wide variety of tools that you can use! So if you’re more interested to learn about the number of shares an ad has, or even the overall spend, you can customize the filters based on that.



Comma Feed

Commafeed allows users to see updated RSS feeds from blog-style websites in real-time. Since Shopify is built on an open feed network, users are also able to spy on stores built using that platform. When you subscribe to a competitor’s feed, you can see product additions and new promotions in real-time! Not only will this help you keep a close eye on the competition, but it can also help you strategize on new items for your store.


Teo’s CommaFeed Tactics (Or watch the video here)

Getting started is simple!

1: Compile a list of competitor Shopify stores.

2: Create a free CommaFeed account!

3: Once your account is created, you’ll be directed to a screen titled “Subscribe”.

– In the “Feed URL” field, insert your competitor’s URL + /collections/all.atom

(For example: If we are analyzing Kylie Cosmetics, it would be

– Enter whatever you want in the “Feed Name” field.

– Keep the default “All” in the “Category” field.

– Click on “Save” and you’re all set! Your subscription feed should look like this:

Try these methods in your product research! 

We’ve seen our students find incredible success after implementing Teo’s techniques.

Are you interested in learning more of Teo’s Ninja Strategies? Let’s talk about your eCommerce goals.

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